You’ve got an idea up your sleeve that you think would make plenty of $$$ and get your jolly mug on the cover of FastCompany Magazine. In fact, you think your idea is so good that up until now you’ve only shared it with your 3 closest friends… After you’ve made them take an oath binding them to secrecy. You justify your gloomy behavior by telling people that you’re afraid they would steal your idea if they heard it. Sound familiar ? You need not worry anymore because this blog is here to tell you the painfully obvious : your idea really isn’t that good. What makes an idea worthy of anything is its execution. No matter how revolutionizing your idea is, it’s a waste of saliva if nothing is being done about it. And one of the best ways to work through the initial steps such as brainstorming or just finding out wether or not your idea is feasible is to let it out into the wild. Again, it’s all about quality vs. quantity. Present your idea to as many people you think will give you smart, constructive feedback as you can. If your idea requires internet-related expertise, advice from Gaby the hairdresser probably won’t be as interesting as advice from Tony the web designer. Getting your idea out in this fashion will not only help you open more doors, it will also help you close the ones that weren’t going to get you anywhere in the first place.