Here’s an interesting article on competition by author Lance Winslow.

Most small business people are so worried about the competition and to the point of absurdity. Now that is not to say that Andy Grove of Intel was not correct when he said;Only the Paranoid Survive, which, actually became the title of his book.

You should know who your competition is, what they are doing, and how the customers are responding to their market exploits. So, is competition good or bad you ask? Well, both, and it’s obvious why you might think they are bad, but have you considered why they are good for you and your company lately?

Yes, I believe competitors are like mile markers on the journey to success, yet even when you out pace them, you can never be too careful. Bill Gates use to say that Microsoft is number one today, but that does not mean someone with a garage start-up will not come along tomorrow and do what they did. So, competition keeps you honest and it keeps you striving to better your efforts.

I can tell you this in my days as an track and field athlete, even when the competition was not breathing down my neck, I imagined they were, even if I was disciplined enough not to ever look back. Competition is good, the strong survive, as well they should. It is the natural order of things, and going with the flow of life, it makes sense to never forget that. Whether it is business or sports, you must understand that the competition can help push you forward to greatness, and thus, in the end I think I will thank my competition, not trash them in public – Lance