Coming up with new business ideas is pure fun and a quick look at what’s actually been done out there and you’ll understand that there is no such thing as a silly idea. In its quest for the most inventive and unusual ideas out there, this blogger has seen some absolutely outrageous things… and wishes he would have thought about it first almost every time.

An idea should almost always play to your strengths. It’s nice to dream about a holographic indonesian maid that greets you and serves you coffee every morning but can you actually create that ? It’s important to be realistic not about your ideas but about yourself. Your strengths should be used to their full potential and your weaknesses, far from being a curse, are there to put you back on the right track when you stray too far from it. Look deep into your educational background, personal interests, experiences, financial options, contacts, etc. This will help narrow down the possibilities of finding a good idea without taking the fun out of it. Holograms are fun but an idea that has real potential for success is even more so.


This week, stay tuned for two super interviews with Wayne Perry, inventor of the Sinus Buster and Kelly Forsyth-Gibson of Thudguard. You can also see Allentrepreneur’s Thudguard article here.