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The Bomb Alarm Clock is an ultra novel way to wake up in the morning !


This silly clock is really quite functional, albeit annoying. 

Unlike a traditional alarm clock, this one not only resembles a time bomb, but also shares some of the same attributes. When woken up by the sound of a simulated explosion, the poor user must figure out a secret number code in order to “disarm” the “explosion”.

The kicker is that the secret code is randomly reset every morning!

For $31, you too can be tortured by this novelty…every day


Who ever said a little can’t go a long way ? Not Dwarf Entertainment that’s for sure. This outrageous business idea will, for better or worse, leave no one indifferent.

If you are looking to promote your next event, company or club and want to add a little something extra to spice up your event, then our midgets and dwarfs, are your little people. With decades of entertaining at events, bachelor & bachelorette parties, bars, club openings, and much, much more, our midget dancers, midget strippers and midget entertainers are “the best dwarf entertainment in the New York area.”

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