Taken from Northern Ontario Business July 10, 2008

For some people, coming up with innovative ideas to grow or start a business is easy: it is the rest of the work that’s daunting.

However, the Regional Business Centre in Ontario and the Business Development Bank have partnered to provide courses on the fundamentals of small business start ups. Entrepreneurs wondering if the idea can grow into a profitable business can take the first of four courses.

The second course demystifies the cash flow crunch and provides participants with strategies to make their job easier and the business stronger. Sponsors from the Regional Business Centre and the Royal Bank will show participants how to improve their efficiencies, profits, and attract favorable financing by examining their business income statement. They will learn how to develop a profit and loss statement or how to read their statement from their accountant. The final course presented by Collins Barrow will talk about the importance of having documentation for taxes, banking and payroll purchases.

For more information or to purchase tickets please contact the Regional Business Centre at 1-800-668-7582 or visit the Tom Davies Square in Sudbury at 200 Brady St.