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It’s time for all of us to take a little step back for the holidays. While most of us will be overwhelmed by festivities and food, but all of us will take this opportunity to have a rest and gather some much needed focus and energy for the coming year. If you have plans to start a business, why not gather the momentum needed and start off with a bang? I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. Back after the break!

By Unstructured Ventures


Right now there is an active debate about whether right now is a good time to start a new company. Companies have to get money from somewhere to fund operations, and if the potential to make money directly (consumer spending), indirectly (advertising in general, and specifically and separately online advertising and social media) and through support (venture capital investment), then entrepreneurs are facing a pretty grim market for new ventures.

But even in wildly uncertain markets and consumer sentiment, change creates opportunities, especially in a cultural climate that is crying out for significant political, social and economic change.

Why is now a good time to start a business and what opportunities will emerge?

  • Change.Change was obviously an overriding message throughout the current election season and it rode Obama and numerous other politicians into office. But what other political themes emerged and what opportunities will be created?

    How will the outcry over the excesses of capitalism impact large and small companies? What new standards of information transparency will we want? How can private enterprise create the standards, analysis tools, platforms and devices to deliver more powerful business and public government oversight and management?

    The web has fundamentally changed the power of individuals and small teams to create companies. How will the same forces creating the democratization of the tools of production and distribution have an impact on political organizations and government?

    We’ve all read endless articles analyzing what Obama did to magnetize and mobilize an army of “ground troops” to win the election. Now what will everyone do? How will the focus of the troops shift from winning an election to governing a country?How will consumer change? How will companies adapt?


  • Stabilizing the economy is going to fall to government intervention and investment.What will the government invest in? What themes did we see in the campaigns? Off the top of my head: Iraq, energy independence, infrastructure investment and revitalization, economic and financial stabilization. Obama has already declared his intention to create jobs by investing in transportation and energy infrastructure projects. While these may not sounds like obvious areas for startups, they are probably more meaningful than another desktop or mobile Twitter client or a new way to share photos.

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