My last post offered a compendium of advice taken from Allentrepreneur’s first batch of interviews. Some were practical, others food for thought, but all were useful. We often read or hear from the big ones: the Gates, Jobs and Buffetts of this world. Because they are larger than life public characters who have made their entrepreneurial goals come true, their advice usually receives instant legitimity. Although I’m not disputing the pragmatic value of their counsel, I realize  there’s a world of difference between them and the rest of us. That’s why I put more emphasis on startup founders who are closer to us in terms of development and reality (and because I doubt Steve or Warren even know I exist). Allentrepreneur aims to give everyday startup founders a voice and deliver it in the form of discussions/interviews for the benefit of anyone with entrepreneurial ambitions. Whether you’re starting out, looking for financing or knee deep in the daily grind of entrepreneurship, there’s something in there for you. The interviews I had with the Gibsons, Perrys and Guerras of this world have always felt more genuine and in touch with my current situation. There’s a lot of advice to be found out there, but when it comes down to it, I’ll choose a live discussion over a how-to article anytime. And I hope you will, too. Cheers.