Allentrepreneur’s very first interview has remained one of the most popular on this blog. Today, Francisco Guerra takes us on another inspiring tour of his wildly original invention, the Flogos, and reports on the international expansion of his business since we I last spoke to him.


Allentrepreneur: Welcome back to Allentrepreneur Francisco! In the year that passed since your first interview here, a lot has transpired. How have you been?


Francisco: Shakin’ N’ Bakin’!  We have been successful domestically and internationally with Flogos all year.


Allentrepreneur: You now have hundreds of clients worldwide, opened offices throughout the world and are making the best of this economic downturn. What were the most important steps you took during the last year and how did they affect your company?


Francisco: We hired experienced, talented, and enthusiastic personnel to drive our company through these uncertain times with the economy.  We made sure that every decision was well planned out and was beneficial for the company.  Our company has grown and has become more productive domestically and international because of our smart choices in the past year.


Allentrepreneur: When came the time to open foreign offices, what made you certain you were ready to do so and why did you choose the countries you did?


Francisco: Because the demand came to us.  We receive numerous offers everyday from foreign countries wanting to either distribute our Flogos or rent our Flogos machines.   When there is a demand someone needs to supply, and we are the only company that produces Flogos machines.


Allentrepreneur: You’ve done events for big corporations like McDonald’s, Nintendo, and Fido just to name a few. How has the reaction to Flogos been so far?


Francisco: Unbelievable!  Pictures and videos do not do Flogos any justice.  People need to see them in person.  When people, spectators or clients, see the Flogos they are speechless.  Kids go crazy over them, and adults try to figure out how Flogos are possible.


Allentrepreneur: Patenting is no doubt a cornerstone of your strategy. How hard has it been for you to do so, particularly in places like China, where laws regulating patents aren’t as strongly enforced?


Francisco: We were already an international company before Flogos, so we have been through the process before.  We also have long standing contacts in many countries that help us with the protection of our innovative ideas and products.


Allentrepreneur: You’re a strong advocate of creating trends, instead of following them. Do you think the advertising industry is more open to new trends? What other industry do you think is ripe for an innovative overhaul?


Francisco: Yes of course.  The advertising industry is one of the most dynamic industries out there.  Companies have to stand out from the pack when advertising so people will recognize the company’s logo, slogan, or what ever else they want.  Why stick with traditional means of advertising when you can Flogotise!  Just about every industry can use an innovative overhaul.  I can’t think of one industry that doesn’t.


Allentrepreneur: You are a special effects inventor who saw an opportunity and created a new medium. Has entrepreneurship been a choice or an addiction for you?


Francisco: As an inventor entrepreneurship is an evolutionary process that started as a choice and has become an addiction.  I love being and inventor and what it has done for me.


Allentrepreneur: Flogos are unique both in conception (soap based) and design (they can take any shape). What new Flogos can we expect down the line?


Francisco: We have many ideas cooking up, but you will have to wait and see.