Fashion may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’ve ever made the trip to London, England you will no doubt recognize that they mean seriously funky business. Enter Dom Fendius and his startup,, which successfully blends his love of fashion with an innovative dash of e-commerce.




 Allentrepreneur: Very happy to have you on Allentrepreneur Dom! When I first heard of Stitsh, I raised my hands in the air: Bravo! Like a lot of my peers, I take my fashion cues by looking at what other people wear. Stitsh takes it a step further by providing direct links from the items on display to their respective retailers. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you took Stitsh from concept to reality?


Dom: After university I worked in finance, but the intention was always to start my own business.  I’d always enjoyed fashion and knew I wanted to work in a creative area. I was inspired by what other people were wearing and would build my own look from this inspiration. I enjoyed the style blogs that were coming online, but thought “wouldn’t it be great if I could buy those clothes immediately without searching for them on the high-street”. This is how the idea of Stitsh came about. So I started looking for a great web-developer/designer, started building relationships with retailers and started to take photos of stylish people. When it all came together, was born!


Allentrepreneur: How did you initially manage Stitsh’s daily operations (web maintenance, cash flow, pictures, etc.)?


Dom: Initially it was a typical start-up scenario of doing almost everything on my own, and trying to get the best solution at the best price. This meant I was taking photos myself, getting friends to help out and learning a lot about the day-to-day running of a website. I was using my own money, so the incentive to keep costs down was always there!


Allentrepreneur: Stitsh takes its revenue from ads and also from a commission-based model. Among some of the retailers you link to are Topshop and French Connection. How hard is it to work out a partnership with online retailers?


Dom: Most retailers are aware that the internet is a great tool for their business, and in my opinion it’s where the future of retail lies. The benefits of online shopping are huge and retailers are, on the whole, very happy to work with us as we put their clothes into context and send customers directly to them.


Allentrepreneur: Will you eventually consider crowdsourcing Stitsh’s content (people love to expose themselves) or are you keen on keeping control of what goes in and out?


Dom: This is actually something we’re developing, but as you say, we want to offer our visitors the best possible photos and this is an issue we’re working on at the moment.


Allentrepreneur: How have people in London reacted to your service so far?


Dom: People have reacted very well. We’re getting some good feedback and the fashion bloggers have got behind the concept too, which is really pleasing. But it’s not just in London, blogs around the world are picking up on it, from Brazil to South Korea which is amazing.


Allentrepreneur: People take cues from people all the time. Do you think the concept for Stitsh could evolve in an industry other than fashion? Like gifts maybe?


Dom: Yes, it’s an interesting area and for sure, people do look at what others are doing, that’s human nature. I’m sure the business model could work in other areas.


Allentrepreneur: I’ve recently come across a number of similar web startups. Amongst them were Chictopia, Lookbook and Stylehive. Do any of the latter have a strong presence in London and how do you intend to position Stitsh to compete against these fashion-oriented businesses?


Dom: The sites you mention are all great and I believe are known amongst London fashionistas.  I think Stitsh offers something different to these sites, and the competition ensures that we are always innovating and giving the best service that we can. 


Allentrepreneur: Where do you see Stitsh five years from now?


Dom: Our priority at the moment is to make Stitsh a household name in the UK, and then further afield. We also plan to offer other services to people who are passionate about fashion in the future. In 5 years our goal is for Stitsh to be the number one website for people interested in fashion.


Allentrepreneur: London, Stockholm and New York are reportedly in the works. I know for a fact Montreal has  a devoted fashion community. Will we get to see our best-dressed people on Stitsh anytime soon?


Dom: I’ve heard that the people in Montreal are very into their fashion, so we’ll certainly be looking into getting involved in the scene over there!