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Allentrepreneur is a blog on entrepreneurship with the particular aim of getting startup founders to share the experiences they’ve collected along the way. I started out with this simple idea more than a year ago, with the hopes of one day being able to walk down the startup lane myself. I’m thus happy to announce via Allentrepreneur the imminent launch of my very own startup: Nucorners

Nucorners will be the latest addition to the home decoration community albeit with a user-generated twist. As the newest destination for home decoration enthusiasts, Nucorners aims to be a relevant source for a look at authentic interiors, tips and inspiration.

I’ve been working on this website along with 2 other partners for a few months now and are almost ready to release our beta. This is partly the reason for the lack of updates on Allentrepreneur recently, so sorry for that! I should resume my normal interview schedule shortly. Promise.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in our progress or just plain curious, then by all means signup on Nucorners to get updates as we get closer to the launch date. 

Until then, thanks very much for your continued readership! See you soon.

To all the regular readers of Allentrepreneur, let me first start by saying that the recent lack of updates is by no means a sign of disinterest on my part. The blog is currently undergoing a set of changes, the most apparent of which will be its redesign to a more efficient look. The final version should be up within 2-3 weeks and a link to the new domain will be posted right here.

Also, as I’ve been documenting startup founders’ opinions and views on entrepreneurship for about a year now, it seemed only natural to me to take their advice and start a business of my own. Along with two other partners, we are hard at work building what will be a social platform for interior decoration enthusiasts. 

As we are expecting to launch the beta version by the end of May, I’ll make a full announcement right here. Hope you will come in great numbers! See you all in a bit.

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